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Design Services

C.Wiencek Design is happy to offer a portfolio of professional services to interior designers, architects, and builders.  Our services range from design and manufacturing consulting, antique and custom furniture brokerage, and rapid prototyping/ 3D printing.

Custum Design

Some clients and projects require furniture and lighting that isn't available on the market.  At C.Wiencek Design customized design is the very life blood of our business.  We love to develop new designs and can work in many styles and 

Furniture Brokerage

Finding the right artisan to produce custom furniture can be difficult for even the most sophisticated interior designer or architect.  When your client demands the best, C.Wiencek Design is here to manage the project from start to finish.  With a wide breadth of connections throughout the custom furniture industry working in every style from period reproduction, mid-century, to contemporary, we can take a sketch and turn it into a reality.  From your initial brief which can include as little as a reference image and a budget we can manage sourcing, bidding, manufacturing, and delivery of high value custom and antique furniture.  All on a mark-up based fee that can be directly passed on to the client in the price of the piece.  We make it simple to provide custom solutions to your clients with no hassle to the designer.  


Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping, or 3D printing, has revolutionized the design industry.  The ability to provide a client with a three dimensional representation of your design can make the difference between a signed contract and a lost sale. But investing in this technology can often times be frustrating and expensive.  3D geometry has to be perfect, machines need constant calibration, and even then print quality can be lacking.  

C.Wiencek Design makes it simple.  We can handle files from a wide range of CAD software and fix most common modeling issues to do with printability and offer a range of printing technologies that fit most budgets and lead times.  We can even provide overnight turn around and hand delivery on small models in the Washington DC area and can provide rush shipments anywhere else.   And unlike the large automated printing companies we provide a level of personalized service unheard of in the industry.  


RepRap - FDM Printing 

We operate a highly customized RepRap printer to produce good quality, affordable models at reasonable prices.  This machine is ideal for study and looks-like models that are meant for visual representation of a design.  This is our lowest cost that also offers the fastest turn around time, usually less three days for standard service.  It prints PLA, a form of bioplastic, in a variety of colors.

This machine is not well suited for mechanical or works-like models.  


Stratasys Mojo - FDM Printing

For when you require high dimensional accuracy and quick turn around.  This machine also prints PLA, a bioplastic, but allows for perfect geometry no matter the application.  Our highest priced option, the Mojo is for when you need it perfect.  


Form 2 - SLA Printing

Our most exciting offering!  The Form 2 is perfect for specialized applications and fine detail.  It prints using photo-polymer resin that hardens when exposed to a UV laser.  With four times the resolution of our other offerings the Form 2 is perfect for detailed architectural models and works-like models using a variety of specially engineered resins.  In addition to solid color, regular duty print materials we stock a variety of specially engineered resins for a variety of applications including investment castable , high impact , clear , and flexible resins.