Wood Finishes

Here at C.Wiencek Design our roots are in woodworking.  We pride ourselves in our selection of woods and our outstanding attention to detail.  We finish our carefully selected hardwoods with the highest quality hand rubbed oil and lacquer finishes available today.  Below is a selection of our stock species and finishes.  Custom options are available.  Please contact us if you do not see what you desire.  


Quartersawn White Oak

White oak is our standard finish for lights.  The rich, light color of oak contrasts nicely with our bronzed steel metal connections. Our oak is hand selected to be consistent in color and tight in grain.  It is sanded to a smooth sheen and finished with a satin lacquer that preserves the natural beauty of the wood without the yellowing effect of oil finishes  


Ammonia Fumed White Oak

Here at C.Wiencek Design we are reviving an antique finish for our white oak.  Made famous by the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century, ammonia fuming involves exposing oak to gasous ammonia, which reacts with the tanins in the wood to create a deep, warm brown that penetrates deeper than any stain or top coat.  This natural reaction creates a beauty and durability unachievable by any stain.  Like our natural white oak, fumed oak is finished with a satin lacquer that preserves the natural beauty of this process and wood without any yellowing.  


American Black Walnut

Black walnut is an amazing all American species.  It is one of the darkest natural hardwoods native to our continent, but it often lacks consistency in color.  Our hand selected walnut is chosen to be as consistent as possible.  We look for the deepest, richest browns available and finish it with natural oil finishes that bring out the natural beauty of each piece.  The oils penetrate deep and seal the wood for generations to come.  We then finish up by applying a satin lacquer topcoat that perfectly reflects the light from our fixtures and provides one extra layer of protection.  


Bolivian Rosewood

Bolivian rosewood is our premium finish for our most discerning clientele.  Sustainably sourced from South America this exotic hardwood is available for clients who will not settle for less.  The true beauty of this exotic is in its tight grain and deep warm browns. The density and natural beauty of this wood make finishing almost unnessecary, however we use a light natural oil and a thin top coat of lacquer to seal in the beauty for generations to come.