I am a passionate designer who's interests span between furniture and lighting design, architecture, and multimedia design.

I view design as a form of problem solving and pride myself at being able to dissect complicated problems into distinct manageable components.

I have strong technical skills in both digital and physical design and fabrication.  I am a skilled 3D modeler in a variety of surface and solid CAD/CAM software including Rhinoceros, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, KeyShot, and MasterCAM.  I am well versed in Adobe Creative Suite.

I am a strong communicator who loves to work directly with clients and stakeholders to develop custom solutions that fit their tastes and needs.  

I am a team player that thrives in creative collaborations.



In 2015 I received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

When I first came to RISD, I intended to graduate as a photographer.  However, in my freshman year I was exposed to working in three dimensions and was immediately hooked.  The physicality of taking a idea from your head and bringing it into the physical world was captivating.  Later I took a metal fabrication class that was centered around functional objects and was again hooked.  I loved the ability to create utilitarian objects that lived a life beyond me.

In the following three years I designed and built countless pieces of furniture and explored a variety of concepts and techniques.  Much of this work was formal and material study, but others were an exploration of something deeper.  I became captivated by the ability of an object to effect social interaction.  By playing with proximity and dimension I was able to suggest certain types of interactions between people.


While at RISD I competed in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe in Versailles with RISD's TechStyle Haus.

I initially joined the team as the leader of a group of Furniture Design students who were building custom furniture for the house, but as the project went from conceptual design to construction there was a need for a leader with fabrication experience to take the design from computer rendering to reality.  I joined the team and led the interiors team in construction of the non-tensile sections of the building's interior.  This included the rigid central core that housed the private spaces and mechanical systems of the house.  I led of a team of 10 students and countless professional contractors in specifying and fabricating the interior of this 800 square feet Passive House.

The design and construction of this structure were complicated by the complex needs of the competition.  Initial construction took place in Rhode Island, however the final competition was in Versailles, France.  This meant that every component of the house had to be built to knock down and be packed into shipping containers to be reassembled on the competition grounds.  To complicate it farther we were given only 5 days for reassembly of the entire structure.  


After graduating, I worked for a year and a half as a designer for Carve Furniture Studio in Telluride, Colorado.  

Carve Furniture Studio is a premier furniture design company that focuses on custom furniture for high net worth individuals.  The twenty five year old firm was struggling to find new work as interior designers in the intermountain West began to look away from a traditional craft aesthetic towards the Brooklyn design scene.  I worked closely with the firm’s owner to:

  • Research market trends by surveying local interior architectures and trade publications to identify common materials and design elements.

  • Redesign the firm’s furniture and lighting offerings to capture a contemporary aesthetic, while not losing the natural mountain landscape that makes the studio special.

  • Collaborate with the marketing team to rebrand the company's identity.  This included a change in name from Andrew Ward Furniture Maker to Carve Furniture Studio, creation of a new dynamic website, and a relaunch of the brand to local design professionals.


For the last nine months I have been working as a freelance designer in furniture design, interior design, and architecture.

In January of 2017 I left Colorado and moved back to my native DC.  I have spent the last nine months freelancing as a designer for clients across several industries, including furniture and lighting design, interior design, and architecture. I have provided services spanning from product design ideation to execution of presentation and shop drawings and creation of marketing materials.  

I also developed a line of geometric LED light fixtures that I debuted at WantedDesgin Manhattan, a premier furniture trade show, during NYCxDesgin in May.  These fixtures utilized a modular construction system with digitally fabricated connection hubs to efficiently create complex geometric shapes with minimal complexity in fabrication.  


To view a PDF copy of my resume please click here.  To view a sample interior architecture drawing set please click here.  To view a sample lighting design drawing set please click here.